Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spring! How beautiful is the Spring!

" Spring! How beautiful is the
Spring! How wonderful is the
Spring! How majestic is the
Spring! How fantastic is the
Spring! How tantalizing is the
Spring! How glorious is the
Spring! How melodious is the
Spring! How joyful is the
Spring! How breathtaking is the 
Spring! How uplifting the 
Spring! How happy is the
Spring! How magnificent is the
Spring! How colorful is the
Spring! How tasteful is the
Spring! How memorable was the
Spring! How flavorful is the
Spring! How aromic is the
Spring! How sweet is
Spring! How beautiful is the
Spring! "
 Alex Fischer

Beer candle

Beer time  :D !!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

After winter comes spring

Gel candles for the beggining

Safety first !

Before we begin to make candle gel we should know the basic rules of safety.

1.Before creating candles take care of your place of work:

- use  old newspapers to cover the table where we make candles

- melting  gel  wax in a special pot - only to candle making

- it is important to have a thermometer with a scale up to 110 degrees C - gel wax at a temperature above 107 degrees C starts to burn

- materials used to gel wax should be  from metal, wood or plastic otherwise, at high temperatures these materials can react with the gel, which becomes cloudy

- Ensure that the room in which we melt the gel is well ventilated

2. Warm gel:
- Never leave the gel on the fire or hot plate alone!!
- If the temperature of the gel exceeds 107 degrees C -  watch it - if it starts to smoke - put away from the heat source
-  not allow the temp
- Don't leave  nearby children or animals
- n
ever extinguish gel wax with water !! Use the fire extinguisher or pot cover
- In case of skin contact with the hot gel use the cold water

3. Using ready-made candles:
- Candle set in a location with a flat surface away from flammable objects - paper, curtains, etc.
- Keep away from children and pets

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Step by step - candle pots

As I mentioned in previous posts gel LP and MP require utensils. Containers must be safety . They can be made of glass, metal, ceramic, and can also make the dish with paraffin. Flammable materials are not allowed - wood, plastic or cardboard.
Candle Gel nicest presented in glass, the decorations showing any gel or colors. Metal or ceramic containers may have various interesting forms, we can decorate them in different ways and then this candle is also very attractive.

Glass containers:

Metal containers :

 When you choose a container, you must also remember that there may be too narrow, sharply tapered (eg, a glass of champagne), or at some point to expand rapidly. If you choose container like this,you  must first to fill with decorative sand for example, then mounted in the sand candlewick, otherwise the candle light off.


Step by step - candlewick

To light a candle we need a candlewick. For gel candles are special wicks with paper core or zinc. If you buy primed wick (paraffin), before you put it in the jar with gel wax you must remove paraffin gel - otherwise, paraffin and gel begins to melt and our gel will become cloudy and unattractive. Another problem for wicks primed this time is the fact that it is trapped between the fibers a lot of air, it makes  a  lot of unnecessary bubbles around the wick.

The best way to remove the wax or the air from the fiber wick is boiling it in a small amount of gel. Just heat the gel to about 105 degrees C and put the wick, wait for the wax started to melt or air bubbles escape. Candlewick prepared in this way is ready to use.

 Before you attach the wick in the pot we also know that wicks have different thicknesses. That's what we'll use the wick thickness depends on the diameter of the pot  our candle. The larger the diameter the thicker candlewick.

At last use the  T-shaped
metal tab to candlewick and put it to your candle pot .